Great team! I loved the camaraderie between the presenters. It was helpful to see how two seasoned and well-trained clinicians have different approaches with the technique.

-Sensate Focus Workshop Participant

We couldn’t quite figure out why, but over the years my partner and I had lost interest and desire in the bedroom. It was like life got in the way of US. The combination of opening up in therapy sessions and practicing Sensate Focus techniques at home helped us find each other, and our pleasure, again.

-Sex Therapy Patient

Therapy Services Testimonials

Linda’s supportive ability to make me feel as if I were the single most important person, while assisting me to grow and develop at my own pace, was important in my healing.

Constance is an awesome therapist! She is so smart and works a tried and true system. I have the utmost respect for her. I have recommended her to many couples whom she has mended their marriages.

I now feel whole, alive, and am able to fully embody my life. Although there are still times when I seem to ‘fall into the past,’ Linda has given me the tools to manage those feelings and be able to live with strength and purpose.

This woman is amazing…. Constance works hard always staying on top by constant education. I recommend her highly.

I now have a handle on where I came from, what made me who I am and why I have the tendencies that I do. I think I now am able to look at things from a more objective view. The result has been that I absolutely want to become a better person and ‘stop the cycle’ — so to speak. I am at a point now that I have a desire to learn to do better and keep my life under control.

Best Ever!!! Constance enlightened my husband and I with more positive thoughts, as well as, wonderful ideas that have been part of our daily routine.

Linda made me feel comfortable talking about my problem, and her knowledge of sexual problems with erection and how it affects relationships really saved mine.

Constance is an awesome therapist! She is so smart and works a tried and true system. I have the utmost respect for her. I have recommended her to many couples whom she has mended their marriages.

Presently, my relationship and bond with my husband is healthier, my family and friends have noticed a change in me, and I have found a true peace in my life that I feel would not have been attainable.

In awe of the immense knowledge and guidance of this great woman, [Constance]…. Hats off to catering to the discontented souls.

I hope to have the ability to express the significance of the experience I have had in therapy with Linda Weiner; the positive impact that she has made in my life is so difficult to articulate in words.

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Workshops & Professional Training Testimonials

Direct. Explicit. Learned a lot. Good material. Well organized.

There was a special, life-long professional bond between the presenters that made their presentation style irresistible! Their use of humor  made the information approachable. They also didn’t shy away from giving us the opportunity to talk with them over lunch during the workshops. An extra touch that went above and beyond!

Thank you for the great Sensate Focus workshop! It was one of a kind. Looking forward to upcoming seminars.

Their workshops are always a motivational experience!

“I wanted to thank you for the very engaging and informative session you and your colleague Ms. Weiner presented at APA”

The Sensate Focus worksop presenters really got to know US before the workshop began. It was great that they taught to the group and cared about our backgrounds and needs.

This was a great presentation! Very informative without being too in depth for beginners.

I want to thank you (Linda and Constance) for your work in writing the Sensate Focus book–it has transformed my understanding of sensate focus, and reinvigorated both my personal practice and my work with clients. One of my greatest challenges with couples therapy has been the effective delivery, tracking, and follow through with home based sexual explorations. Through your book, I have realized many of my mistakes, and in beginning to remedy them, have already experienced new breakthroughs. Thank you!  ~Zoe, MFT

Very knowledgeable presenters with lots of professionalism. Good resources. Scholarly resources too.

The workshop “Sensate Focus: The Art & Science of Mindful Touch” was fantastic! … It really shook up my prior learning about sensate focus techniques!

The Senate Focus video was a wonderful teaching aid. Thank you for being engaging presenters.

The role playing Linda and Constance did greatly added to my understanding of the material.

I attended your Sensate Focus Workshop… It was the best workshop I have ever attended in terms of useful material that I could take with me and apply immediately with my clients. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Sensate Focus has been for my couple clients!

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