The first is similar to case consultation in which you are having difficulty with a particular case and would like to get some additional input.


The second is supervision for formal certification as an
AASECT-Certified Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist.

What is the VALUE of becoming certified by AASECT as a Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist?


When someone is trying to determine the competence of a sex counselor or therapist, and when they are looking for help with the most intimate part of their lives, they want the security of knowing that the counselor or therapist has the training and professional qualifications to meet their needs. AASECT Supervisor Certification provides this assurance. Since it requires the meeting of not minimal but maximal standards of training and experience. This promotes not only clients’ confidence in the counselor’s or therapist’s own skills but also the counselor/therapist confidence in his or her own expertise.

As an AASECT Certified Supervisor for Sexuality Counselor and Sex Therapy candidates, Linda and Constance can each provide individual and/or group supervision for those interested in expanding their skills or becoming a formally certified AASECT Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist.

We supervise from two different campuses. Linda is in St. Louis, Missouri, and Constance is in Boca Raton, Florida. Recent changes in AASECT policy have expanded student options. Now supervision is permitted through online contact such as Skype or FaceTime!



All AASECT Certified Supervisors are knowledgable about a wide variety of topics required for supervising health professionals to become Sexuality Counselors and Sex Therapists. However, it is important the the Supervisor you choose is specialized in the areas of sexuality that are most of interest to you. For example, you may want to focus on clients who are sexual trauma survivors, couples with sexual dysfunctions, or pursuing more spiritual sexual experiences. It is usually helpful to work with a Supervisor who focuses on these clientele.

It is also important to ask the Supervisor about his or her teaching philosophy, ability to modify supervision material for different learning styles, therapeutic orientation(s). For all the training and experience a Supervisor may have, the most important element in the selection process is whether or not you can relate to the Supervisor!

Whenever possible, face-to-face supervision in either a group or individual setting is still the best!

What are the NEXT STEPS to becoming AASECT-Certified?


If you think you might be interested in being supervised by an AASECT Supervisor in order to become an AASECT-Certified Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist, please review the Requirements for AASECT Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist certifications.

These requirements may seem daunting and we hope you won’t get overwhelmed! While they are extensive, you have probably already completed coursework and attended related workshops and seminars that count toward certification. In addition, in order to catch you up on the core topics necessary for certification, we provide a one-hour didactic lecture, review reading logs, and have discussions that may count toward completion of many of the required topics.

If, after reading the Requirements for AASECT Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist certifications and deciding this is the right time to request additional information about supervision, please contact us to arrange more discussion.

When we meet or consult with you individually, whether in person or via the Internet, we will review your CV, the necessary coursework an related workshop that need to be completed, and the other requirements for certification. Together we will chart your course.

So, please email us at [email protected], or call us at either (314) 588-8924 (in St. Louis, MO) or (954) 406-4620 (Boca Raton, FL) to discuss the possibilities for your supervision journey!

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