“Education is the movement from darkness to light”

~ Allan Bloom

“Every dialogue that pushes forward into territory hedged about by fear and resistance is aiming at something vital, and by impelling the one partner to integrate his wholeness it forces the other to take up a broader position. He, too, is impelled towards wholeness for without this he would not be able to push the dialogue deeper and deeper into those fear-bound regions.”

~ C. G. Jung

“The Upanishads, one of the oldest spiritual texts, tell us that the energy that supports all creation manifests as the warmth that arises when we are touched.”

~ Christopher Aanstoos

“Love was in the end like a species of rare colored butterfly, often sighted, but never conclusively identified.”

~ Alain de Botton

“Our flesh lines and envelops all the visible and tangible things which nonetheless surround it, the world and I are within one another.”

~ Merleau-Ponty

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

~ Plato

“Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue to exist, a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see each other whole against the sky.”

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

“We say we love, yet we know not what it is….Who among us can ever know ourselves well enough to be capable of agape, an expression of what we might oxymoronically call ‘disinterested love,’ that is, love wholly invested in the well-being of the Other, without the shadow of self-interest cruising beneath the surface like a surly shark?”

~ James Hollis

“Sexual science has often situated the body as the unit of study with little emphasis on embodied sexuality. It is as though subjective meaning and context have been extricated from our analysis… We may wish to consider changing that.”

~ Peggy J. Kleinplatz

“The body reveals, through its openness, the very meaning of being human.”

~ Christopher Aanstoos

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